Planned for 2025
Decentralized Creator Economy
Implementation of the LimeWire decentralized GPU infrastructure and the creation of a pool of distributed GPUs for the LimeWire AI Studio, incentivized by LMWR.


Planned for later in 2024
LimeWire Music AI Studio v2
Incremental feature launches around the LimeWire Music AI Studio, including music editing, lyrics generation, singing voices.
Planned for later in 2024
Beta Launch of Video AI Studio
Beta launch of the all-new AI video generation functionalities as part of the LimeWire AI Studio.
Planned for Q2 2024
Beta Launch of Creator Assistant
Beta launch of the all-new chat assistant for creators as part of the LimeWire AI Studio.
February 2024
Record: 1 Million LimeWire Users
A record-breaking one million platform users have been onboarded to the LimeWire AI Studio and creator platform.


December 2023
Launch of Music AI Studio
Launch of music generation features to complement LimeWire's Music AI Studio, aiming to enable anyone to become a music artist through the use of LimeWire. Read about it:
September 2023
Acquisition of BlueWillow
Acquisition of BlueWillow, the second largest AI creator community and image generation platform with over 2 million creators worldwide. BlueWillow's generative artificial intelligence models are rebranded to LimeWire's native AI model. Read about it:
August 2023
Launch of AI Studio & Polygon Partnership
Launch of AI-powered image generation and optimization tools for end users as part of a new LimeWire AI Studio, the first blockchain-based AI platform of its kind. Formation of a major blockchain partnership with Polygon. Read about it:
July 2023
Ad-Revenue Sharing in LMWR
Launch of the LimeWire Ad-Revenue Share Program, distributing up to 90% of advertising revenues to creators and their communities on an automated basis. Read about it:
May 2023
LMWR Public Sale
Public token sale of the LimeWire Token (LMWR) and major listings on some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin, Kraken, Bybit, and Crypto.com. Together with the private and community sales, the public sale brought the total amount raised to USD $17.75 million. Read about it:
May 2023
Launch of LimeWire Game
Launch of a nostalgic LimeWire browser game ahead of the LMWR public sale that challenged users to search for nostalgic film, music and program titles from the early 2000s in exchange for LMWR prizes. Read about it:
February 2023
LMWR Community Pre-Sale
Exclusive, closed community pre-sale for the LimeWire Token (LMWR). The community pre-sale sold out within just 48 hours.


July 2022
Launch of LimeWire NFT Marketplace
Initial launch of the LimeWire NFT Marketplace with a series of music artists, including Deadmau5, Travis Barker, Nicky Jam, Brandy, Aitch, Dillon Francis, 7 Aurelius, Elijah Blake, Jim Jones, and Gramatik. Read about it:
June 2022
Launch of LimeWire Originals
Launch of the genesis NFT collection LimeWire Originals, generating a total of USD $700,000 in primary NFT sales. Shortly after the launch of the LimeWire Originals, LimeWire hosted exclusive holders parties in New York City and Ibiza.
May 2022
LimeWire + Universal Music Group Partnership
As reported by global media outlets and Universal Music Group's press release, LimeWire and UMG struck a major partnership related to music NFT licensing in May 2022. Read about it:
April 2022
$10.4M LMWR Private Sale
Private LMWR token sale led by Kraken Ventures, Arrington Capital, GSR, Crypto.com Capital and Hivemind, raising a total amount of USD $10.4 million in capital. Read about it:
March 2022
LimeWire is Back
Announcement of the new LimeWire creator platform with global press coverage by Bloomberg, CNBC, Rolling Stone, Reuters, and many more. Over 2+ million subscribers signed up for the official waitlist and a major partnerhip with Algorand was formed. Read about it: