LimeWire Token (LMWR)

LimeWire is Back

LimeWire, the once beloved platform that helped millions of users in the early 2000’s discover their favorite music, is back to change the game once again for content creators, artists, and their followers.

The new LimeWire offers a leading AI studio for image, music and video content creation, as well as a social platform for content creators, artists and musicians. It is home to the second largest Discord community worldwide with over 2 million members and a total of 500+ million pieces of content created with the help of LimeWire's generative AI models.

Through blockchain technology, the LimeWire platform makes AI-generated content ownable and tradeable as NFTs, and allows creators and fans to earn LimeWire Token (LMWR) as part of LimeWire's proprietary ad-revenue share program.

In short, LimeWire is the first Web3 generative AI platform that empowers both newcomers as well as established artists to embark on a new, unique creator journey.


“LimeWire aims to become the #1 platform to create, publish and monetize creative content with the power of AI.”

Generative AI is a powerful and fast evolving tool for content creators. Our mission is to make advanced AI technologies accessible to everyone and become the leading platform for all types of creators by leveraging three advantages:

- Brand

Most AI and Web3 platforms are novel startup brands with little mainstream presence. The LimeWire brand, on the other hand, has remained a worldwide household name that ignites positive feelings and nostalgia in people’s minds to this day. Millions of people globally used LimeWire to download their first music in the 2000’s, and even today's chart-storming artists used to leverage the platform to explore the music industry for free during their early careers. Through every industry and genre, artists and creators still share a powerful connection to LimeWire as a brand and remain loyal followers and collaborators.

This global brand awareness has helped us onboard over a million users onto the LimeWire platform since our initial launch in 2022. LimeWire is growing at a rapid speed, and we will use this unique advantage to become a leading AI platform for creators.

- Technology

We believe that despite the fast pace of innovation, there is a lack of transparency in the AI space for content creators. Most AI projects are very research-focused and only offer a single, in-house developed AI model, mostly focused on one content type (image, music or video).

Our goal is to offer to all LimeWire creators the best-in-breed AI tools to create and enhance their content or tap into new forms of creative work. The LimeWire AI Studio is the first AI model aggregator for creators, with a unique mix of both proprietary AI technologies, such as our BlueWillow models for image generation, as well as highly curated third-paty AI models from leading research teams, all combined into a single platform with a simple UI.

- Ownership

With AI technology evolving almost on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between AI-generated content and human-generated content, and subsequently to attribute content to its original creator.

We believe that Web3 has a unique opportunity to solve many of the pitfalls AI brings to the creator economy, which is why LimeWire makes all content pieces fully ownable and tradeable as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Our ownership layer is based on a multi-chain strategy, currently built on top of BNB Chain, Polygon and Algorand, allowing content creators to choose the blockchain they prefer for their project, and inviting various blockchain ecosystems to the LimeWire platform.

LimeWire Token (LMWR) Utility

LMWR is an ERC-20 utility token deeply embedded into the LimeWire platform and used by millions of users. The token is both used as a payment method on the LimeWire platform and can be earned by participating in our various rewards programs.

- Ad-Revenue Sharing in LMWR

A core element of the new LimeWire is content monetization, which is why we’ve introduced the LimeWire Ad-Revenue Share Program, powered by LMWR.

This unique program allows all LimeWire users — from creators, to followers, all the way to content promoters — to participate in the success of the LimeWire ecosystem and earn LMWR. Ad revenues are generated directly on the platform and are used to buy back and distribute LMWR to our LimeWire community.

Ad Revenue Sharing

- LMWR Staking and Platform Rewards

Platform Rewards

Our Vision: A Fully Decentralized Creator Economy

As a leading platform for AI-generated art, it is our vision to not only provide artists on LimeWire with the best AI tools for creators, but also with top-notch infrastructure, ensuring fast and high-quality AI generations.

With a fast-growing user base, the LimeWire ecosystem requires increasing amounts of GPU computing power to generate AI content. GPU infrastructure is not only expensive but also scarce.

To solve this growing need, LimeWire will launch a platform for distributed GPU infrastructure powered by LMWR, making LimeWire the first fully decentralized creator platform.

This unique setup will allow miners and gamers across the globe to connect their GPU processors to the LimeWire systems, creating a distributed network of computing infrastructure for our generative AI models. In return, GPU providers will earn LMWR tokens. These tokens will be distributed from LimeWire's Community Rewards pool as well as from LMWR payments made by creators in the LimeWire AI Studio.

AI artists will benefit from reduced costs and high-speed generations, while GPU providers can monetize unused infrastructure and earn LMWR. This GPU infrastructure platform will make LimeWire the first fully decentralized and self-sustaining ecosystem to connect generative AI artists and GPU providers, powered by LMWR.

Decentralized Creator Economy

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