About the LimeWire Token

LMWR will be deeply integrated into all aspects of the LimeWire platform. Perks range from token rewards in exchange for loyalty and activity, to community voting rights and discounts all the way to royalty distribution.

1. Introduction

LimeWire, the once beloved platform that helped millions of users in the early 2000’s to discover their favorite music, is back, to once again reinvent how fans and artists share content and interact with each other.

The new LimeWire is a platform for content creators, artists and brands to create membership-based communities for their most passionate fans.

We aim to help content creators build a recurring revenue stream by providing a platform and framework for direct fan membership. In turn, fans receive exclusive content, access to a private community, the ability to directly communicate with the artists and brands they love, and become a part of their journey.

Through blockchain technology, we make exclusive content and assets ownable and tradeable, allowing fans to not only consume exclusive content but also to directly participate in the success of the creators they support.

In short, the new LimeWire is the first Web3 subscription platform for artists, brands and creators.

Problem Statement

At LimeWire, we believe that existing membership-based creator platforms lack in the areas of brand, technology and ownership.

- Brand

While some of the biggest membership-based platforms on the market today are heavily associated with adult content, others are mainly focused on providing tools for a small niche subset of content creators.

We believe that the market lacks a content-neutral, globally recognized brand that is inclusive of artists and content creators of all types and genres and provides a safe space for them to connect with their fans.

- Technology

Many membership-based creator platforms on the market today lack a good user experience on both the fan’s as well as the artist’s side, have a limited amount of both fiat and crypto payment options available, and often require creators to use external platforms for hosting exclusive (video) content, which is not only time-consuming for the creator but also puts restricted content at risk of being shared outside of the intended community (piracy issue).

We believe that creators and their fans need an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop platform that allows creators to efficiently manage their membership community, hosts their content on-platform without giving up control and/or requiring the use of third parties, and allows users to choose from a multitude of both fiat and crypto payment methods to pay for their subscription.

- Ownership

We firmly believe that fans who financially support a content creator’s work through a membership should not only receive access to exclusive content, but should also have the opportunity to participate in the long-term success of the creators they support.

At the moment, however, membership-based creator platforms are exclusively focused on providing view-only access to content in return for a monthly subscription. We think that it’s time for a change and to start allowing fans to take ownership of the content they support, while at the same time giving artists a fair share of the financial successes - in perpetuity.

2. The New LimeWire

2.1 Mission

“LimeWire is bringing ownership to the creator economy.”

The new LimeWire, initially relaunched in mid-2022 as a marketplace to buy, sell and trade digital collectibles, has now evolved into a fully-fledged membership platform that enables creators, artists and brands to create gated, membership-based communities, allowing them to connect with their most loyal fans and followers.

We believe that LimeWire’s brand, the simplicity of our platform UX, and our first-mover advantage uniquely position our product to become a leading membership-based community platform in the coming years.

Competitive Landscape


2.2 The LimeWire Platform

The LimeWire membership platform, LimeWire Subscriptions, allows content creators to build communities centered around a members-only content-feed that enables them to distribute exclusive video, audio, photo and text-based content to their community of subscribers. Access to a creator’s community can not only be based on a monthly or yearly subscription fee, but can also be token-gated based on NFT or Token ownership, allowing Web3 brands to create communities around their products.

Fans are able to subscribe to their favorite content creators, artists and brands on LimeWire to get access to and own exclusive content, start direct messaging threads with creators, purchase limited paid content drops directly through the newsfeed, and communicate with other members within the creator’s community.

LimeWire also offers support for free subscriptions and free trials, allowing a quick onboarding of a large number of users to enable later monetization of a creator’s community through paid drops & posts in their community feeds.

Platform Sneak Peek

2.3 Ownership through Blockchain Technology

As an industry first, the new LimeWire subscription platform will be utilizing blockchain and NFT technology to make each piece of exclusive content on the LimeWire platform ownable and tradeable. This means that subscribers cannot only see their favorite creator’s content, but they also own a digital collectible of every photo, video, audio and text post that the content creator publishes while they are a subscriber.

Fans will have access to an on-platform library that contains all the pieces of content that they have received from their creator subscriptions, and will in turn be able to offer these assets for sale to other users of the LimeWire platform as well as on third party marketplaces.

The LimeWire ownership-layer is currently based on the Algorand Blockchain, selected as one of the most scalable and environmentally friendly chains. Throughout 2023, we will implement the support of additional blockchains, allowing creators to choose which blockchain their assets will be based on and enabling projects from various blockchain ecosystems to onboard their communities.

This ownership-based content system adds a whole new dimension to the LimeWire subscription platform, and for the first time does not only allow subscribers to view content from their favorite artists, but allows users to directly participate in the long-term success of the creators they support.

Pay-per-View: Built for both Creators & Subscribers

To fully unite creators and fans into a closely linked community, we will introduce a Pay-per-View feature designed to empower creators and also allow their supporters to own a share of their success.

With PPV, non-subscribers of content creators will be able to view content that would otherwise only be available for paying subscribers in exchange for a one-time PPV fee. After deduction of the creator’s royalty, the generated revenues will be distributed (via LimeWire tokens) across paying subscribers of the creator who have an ownership share in the content piece that is viewed: the ‘Pay-per-View royalty distribution’ system.

Overall, with LimeWire Subscriptions, the whole community benefits. Creators are rewarded for their work, fans have one-off access to exclusive content, and subscribers are rewarded for their support:

Decentralized Creator Economy

2.4 Vision: The LimeWire Ecosystem

LimeWire’s long-term vision is to bring ownership to the creator economy by creating a decentralized content and community platform:

  • 1. Launch of LimeWire Subscriptions.
  • 2. Introducing the LimeWire Token (LMWR).
  • 3. Enabling LMWR Rewards.
  • 4. Establishing LMWR as platform token.
  • 5. Implementing Pay-per-View (PPV) and royalty sharing in LMWR.

The project is designed for scale, comprised of several key components that are all tied together by the LimeWire Token (LMWR) at the heart of the ecosystem:

LimeWire Ecosystem

3. LimeWire Token

The LimeWire Token is an ERC-20 utility token at the heart of the LimeWire ecosystem, designed to enhance the user experience on the LimeWire platform with various perks and benefits in a gamified loyalty-tier system.

In mid-2022, we successfully closed a $10.4M pre-sale of the LimeWire Token with a long list of strong backers including Kraken Ventures, GSR, Arrington Capital and Crypto.com Capital.

3.1 Token Utility

3.1.1 Loyalty Tiers & Benefits

Users are classified into 3 loyalty tiers based on how many LimeWire Tokens they hold on the platform. Benefits range from LimeWire token rewards and access to exclusive content, to invite-only LimeWire parties.

Token Loyalty Tiers

3.1.2 Payment & Rewards

The LimeWire Token is deeply integrated in the LimeWire ecosystem, resulting in a gamified, interactive experience that puts LMWR into the center of the platform experience.

Pay with LMWR

Users will be able to use the LimeWire Token across the LimeWire platform to receive discounts on subscriptions, tip creators, access direct messages to creators and paid posts.

Earn with LMWR

Creators can receive earnings in USD or in LimeWire Tokens for a larger revenue share.

Activity Rewards

To give back to the LimeWire community, users and creators will be rewarded for legitimate and regular activity: including top comments, reporting of prohibited content, and more.

3.1.3 Governance & Decentralization

The LimeWire token also allows holders to actively participate and have a say in the LimeWire ecosystem, and will eventually become the backbone of LimeWire’s decentralized creator economy - enabling artist royalties and ownership earnings of PPV payments all in LMWR.

Community Voting Rights

Token holders can vote on the product roadmap and participate in decisions of the LimeWire Foundation - such as which upcoming creators to support with the Foundation’s artist fund.

Royalty Distribution (Pay-per-View)

All Pay-per-View revenues will be distributed to creators and holders in LimeWire token (LMWR), thereby creating a steady flow of our ecosystem token.

3.2 Tokenomics

The LMWR tokenomics have been designed with a focus on the long-term vision of the LimeWire platform. The total supply of the LimeWire Token is fixed at 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) with no inflationary capabilities; the total supply will never increase.

The majority of the LMWR allocation is intended to go back to the community, including a 1 million LMWR allocation to be awarded evenly to all LimeWire Originals holders for each Original held on the LimeWire platform - right after the Public Sale.

Token Loyalty Tiers

3.3 Public Sale

The Public Sale of the LimeWire Token will take place in April 2023, with 100 million LMWR in total available for sale and 3 purchasing options:

(i) Community Pre-Sale: $0.16 per token, with no lockup and a 3 month linear release.

(ii) Public Sale Option I: $0.20 per token, with a 6 month lockup and a 6 month linear release.

(iii) Public Sale Option II: $0.30 per token, with no lockup or vesting period.

Lockups and subsequent vesting for all token allocations will begin simultaneously at the time of the Token Distribution Event - i.e. when the initial circulating supply is sent out to the Public Sale Option II participants. This will be in shortly after the Public Sale is concluded.

To stay up-to-date, please follow @limewire on Twitter.

4. Timeline

4.1 Milestones to Date

Since re-launching the LimeWire brand in early 2022, we have reached a number of important milestones, and have even more exciting plans for the years ahead.

LimeWire Timeline

4.2 Roadmap Ahead

Find below the roadmap ahead for LimeWire:

LimeWire Timeline

Ad Revenue Sharing:

Participate in the success of the LimeWire ecosystem: Every content post generates ad-revenues on the platform based on the number of views. These ad-revenues are used to buyback LMWR which is shared amongst the LimeWire community.

LimeWire AI Studio v1 (image generation):

AI image generation packaged into an easy-to-use UI, allowing anyone to become a creator, drafting their own digital art and automatically mint it as a digital collectible.

LimeWire AI Studio v2 (image & music generation):

Adding the first music generation features, such as creating short loops from text prompts or humming to the platform to create guitar solos.

Community Voting:

Vote on the top images generated by the community, how the platform should look, which creators we should onboard, and more.

LimeWire AI Music Studio:

We are building the very first AI Music Studio that will allow anyone to create a full length song by leveraging Artificial Intelligence in an easy to use interface. You will be able to choose from a library of beats and stems, create and personalize your own melody, generate lyrics, and even change the singing voice of your vocals. Building the leading all-in-one AI content generation studio to empowering anyone to become a creator.

To get all the latest announcements, please check out the LimeWire Blog and follow @limewire on Twitter.